Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Ìbàdàn Weekend.

Hi Guys!
‘Been a looooong minute. Sorry I was away for so long. I had a roller-coaster of a weekend. Lemme give you the “dubs” real quick. First, BM showed up at my doorstep unexpectedly on Thursday evening. Boy, was I glad!!! I however could not fully express my gladness cos we had an audience. Anyway, we went out later at night and had fun bonding with him again. I thought I’d banished him from my mind forever, but I realized I thought wrong……..my heart can be such a traitor at times -thwarting my best-laid plans right at the point of execution. So it was that we spent Thursday and Friday evenings together catching up on old times. But he just had to go and spoil it with a suggestion that I “arrange” my friend for his married friend. I took that very personal. Enough of BM joo!

Well, my Mom called outta the blues on Thursday evening to order Bona –my sister- and I home for the weekend. I was crest-fallen as I already had maaad plans for the weekend in Lagos. I got into the dead-zone called Ibadan on Friday night around 9.00p.m. when ceteris paribus, I’d have been applying my last coat of Maybelline mascara in preparation for a wicked night out. I’m glad I went though, ‘been a month since I last went home, so I’d missed my brothers sore. Needless to say, my mom was ecstatic when she saw us. She could barely wait till morning to offload all the pent-up gist she had for us. Might I add here that we are 2 girls and 2 boys, and my sister and I live in Lagos so she usually has to save the gist till we arrive as my brothers are either too busy with their new-found love, PS3 or playing football. This time was no different, we spent most of Saturday catching up on what was new in one another’s lives. The Three Oketunji Girls. My mom right now is very excited about my uncle’s wedding coming up next month as the whole house is a bee-hive of activities…..ásó-ebí wahala, caterers, venue and all, as she prepares for her role as Chief Hostess. She can barely wait to show off the 10-feet, yes 10 whole feet tall Christmas tree that she just bought. I got infected with the preparations-virus too as I am myself, a party-bum. I can hardly wait till I’m grown-up, like totally independent and married so I can start to host my own parties….mehhnn!!! I was very happy that I had another party to add to my rapidly filling-up December calendar. If only the makeover jobs would come in so fast too…..lol!!!

Speaking of makeovers, you’ll recall that I said something about the 10-year old girl’s party? Well, it didn’t hold anymore…….but guess what? I still got paid, thanks to darling Auntie Abbie!!!! She’s the newest person in my life and I think she is just the sweetest person ever. She’s in her late forties, but you’d never know cos she is so in-tune with us young people and she understands us. Trust me. I’m sure there’ll be more about her on this space soon. Thank you, Aunty Abbie!!! Xoxo
Got back to town, Lagos that is, on Sunday evening and preparations are already in top gear for Alhaja’s Chieftaincy Conferment Ceremony on Sunday……another Owambe!!!
I think that’s about it. Ok, I joined Twitter today, merely out of curiosity. I hope I can keep up, though. I also had Monsura –my braider over today to make my hair. Peeps say the hair’s nice, but I’m not sure. I’ll put up pictures of it tomorrow. For now, it’s “Bon Nuit”, beautiful people.

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