Monday, November 2, 2009

An Evening's Blues.

I wrote this poem on a day that my mind was greatly disturbed. I couldn't place a finger on what it was that bothered me.....but i was ill at ease. So, i left for a quiet place to brood and sort out my feelings. I realized after a short while that it was the eve of my First Boyfriend's birthday (i think what made me sad was the fact that i still haven't found true love many years later). A 30-minute period of perfect Silence, Solitude and Stillness. This was the result....i found it very therapeutic.

I'm so, so upset now
'Wish i could up and leave
But i know not how
All i do is sigh and heave

And so, to my room i go
Upon my bed i lie still
What to do, i do not know
For my heart's a turmoil still

D peace i need, i do not find
A hum becomes of d banter
I peek through d window blind
My mind drifts unfettered

A flicker here
A flicker there
One, then two, then three
Five..six..till it's a jamboree

My face awash wit their light
My soul at ease once again
As the fireflies light d night
Gloom tries 2 hold me in vain

As i lay on the sandy shore
D waves caress my feet
The birds break into song
And Tosin is at peace.

-Tosin Oketunji
4th September, 2009.

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