Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Mother

Today, i wanna share with you, a piece i wrote for my Mom last Mother's Day.

A Tribute To WURAOLA (My Mother)
To say you're the single, most important person in my life, is merely stating the obvious. You are the one stabilizing factor in my life. You have seen me through many a trying period. And though i've let you down time and again, you've ALWAYS been there to help me pick the pieces and move on.

You have shown me this year just how much you love me and how much i mean to you. You never actually say the words "I LOVE YOU" but your actions scream it loud and clear.

I'm listening to a song now by "So Beautiful" by ASA and it evokes emotional memories of the many times, over the years, that you denied yourself many luxuries to make sure your children had the very best. Daddy's blessed to have you as his Mrs. and we, your children, to have you as our Mommy.

I might not say this very often, but i'm proud and blessed to be your daughter. I long for the day that you will be able to say the same words about me.
Happy Mothers' Day, Mommy.
Love you plenty.

Awww, i'm getting all teary-eyed just reading that again. Goodnight People!

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