Sunday, October 25, 2009


So, do you like my slideshow? Please post your comments and let me know. I was going through my pictures, so I thought I’d put some of them together for y’all to see. Some of them are actually about 4 years old or something. There’s this one with my lil’ cousin on her 1st birthday……..all decked up in orange aso-óké. It took us the whole of 30 minutes to get her to strike that pose.

And oh, I forgot to tell you. I do voice-overs…yeah, like the whole radio-jingle, documentary, narration stuff. The first time I heard my voice in playback was amazing……I almost didn’t recognize it as my voice, it was WOW!! The studio manager said and I quote “You have a velvety-smooth voice”. And that was it. I didn’t know before then, that there was any such thing as a “microphonic” voice before that day. I wanna up my game now…… know, go professional and all. So, I’ve enrolled in a “finishing school” to further hone my skills so I can enter the big league, Amen.

Eh-hen! I said I was gonna gist you about the wedding I attended yesterday. Anyone remember Smokey Robinson’s hit track of the early 70’s- Dollar rain? I bet most of you guys were not even born then…lol! Well, this account is the Nigerian version, hence my titling it Naira Rain…………..
Towards the end of the party, when the couple was leaving, a convoy of 4 cars- 2 Land-cruiser jeeps and 2 Peugeot saloon cars (sirens wailing)- pulled up just outside the Balmoral hall, venue of the reception. Immediately, the party which was already winding up, became lively once again as a flurry of activities began. The live band changed the tune to a faster, more danceable tune as the party once again gathered momentum and went back into full swing. The occupant of the car came down eventually and it was a Permanent Secretary with one of the Federal Ministries. By this time, the couple had found their way back to the dance-floor (I’m sure you can guess why) as the Perm. Sec. followed closely with his retinue of bodyguards and aides in tow. That was when the Naira Rain started. This guy started “spraying” the couple, bundle after bundle of crisp N500 notes. Yours truly, he didn’t stop until he had exhausted the 6th bundle……. N300,000!!!! Civil Servant!!!! It is at times like this that I wonder where Nigeria is headed as a nation. For a public SERVANT to make such a show in the full glare of everyone? Our money? Our taxes? Why will the Niger Delta youth not take up arms when they see a government official spend money like that while they languish in penury? But then, maybe I wouldn’t be so angry if I was the “SPRAYEE”, sha. Who knows if I wouldn’t do same if I were an holder of public office? Hmm……mn.

I think I’m gonna go to bed now. See you guys soon. Have a splendid week ahead.

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