Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Much Ado About Bode George.

Much as I hate to be to be partisan or in any way political on this blog, I just cannot resist the urge to comment on the Bode George trial and subsequent conviction. I read that he bagged a 28-year jail term on a 64-count charge, which will run concurrently such that he only gets to spend two and a half years behind bars. I personally think that the 2-year jail term is too small a penalty for crimes of that magnitude and I believe that it will not serve as deterrent to intending offenders. Nigerians are rejoicing now, that justice has taken its course and rule of law has been upheld, as a “Sacred Cow” and erstwhile chieftain of the country’s ruling party has been brought to book. I’d very much like to believe so, but I’ve been around for a while……lol, and I have seen the way things play out on the political chessboard of Nigeria. I would like to believe that he -B.G.- fell out of favour with some of the “powers that be” and so was dealt with. For goodness’ sake, these crimes he was convicted of were perpetrated many years ago. How come the EFCC waited until August 2009 to arraign him? Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m happy that justice has been served…….what I have a problem with is the selective way in which it is served. I mean, we still have some ex-governors that looted the state treasury walking the streets freely, flaunting their ill-gotten wealth at every opportunity……sometimes even being called upon to chair or be a guest speaker at State and Public functions, WTF!!! We cannot even be so sure that justice has been served yet, as his attorney said that they will contest the judgment at a Court of Appeal. Let’s wait for the outcome of that, while the former vice-chairman of the PDP cools his heels in ………………..(I didn’t say anything, oh!) I saw clips of the trial last night and saw an elderly man faint as people jostled to revive him. I wonder what his relationship to the accused was.

On a lighter note, I wonder what his pretty new wife- Roli George (nee Adeniyi) will be thinking now.I'm sure she didn't bargain for this. I hear that women of the FAIR-SKINNED variety are wont to be FAIR-WEATHER friends, associates and sometimes, spouses......no pun intended (apologies to my fair-skinned friends). Will it be a case of ******“Igí dá, eiyé fò”?****** Meaning “when the tree is felled the bird takes to flight”....do the math! I kinda think that was an unfair thing to say, but I could not resist the temptation.
Enough of B.G. and Roli…….let me gist you about my day. About 2 months back, I contacted a PR firm with a view to engaging their services in the branding of BELLEZZA MAKEOVERS. I had a 1-hour session, over several cups of coffee and steaming hot spring rolls in a cozy, posh office somewhere in Victoria Island, with their representative asking me all the necessary questions, my preferences, the image I’d like to project and all. I answered them all and they promised to revert to me in due course. Well, get back to me they did…….only that I was not prepared for what I got.
The letter was hand-delivered to my home last week by a sharply dressed despatch rider, his jacket, helmet and motorcycle emblazoned with the logo of the said firm. I took the letter and signed for it. The envelope was a work of art (I still have it nicely tucked away in the bottom drawer of my dresser). Well, I unfolded the letter and went straight to the bottom of the page where I knew my bill would be. I saw a 6-figure sum……N__0,000: 00. I promptly called them to ask for a downward review (èló ni jálè?), upon which I was told that they were professionals and their charges were not open for negotiation. I decided there and then, to do my “Branding” by myself. So, I got in touch with my friend in Chicago (please don’t ask why I had to go that far) who worked tirelessly to create a design for me. I asked around and found out that Shomolu was the printing headquarters of Lagos and so, to Apata Street, Shomolu I went this morning. I walked into a one of the very few decent looking shops and after about an hour of going back and forth, I was able to convey to the semi-literate guy that attended to me, what I wanted. I will however not know if he got my message, till tomorrow when I go for pick-up. Needless to say, I got stuck in the mad traffic of Ikorodu/ Mobolaji Bank-Anthony road. My tummy churned, as the worms attacked the walls of my stomach……..God, I was starving!
Then, my phone rang. It was my friend calling to ask if I was down for Alausa. Boy, was I glad? Lunch at Alausa could only mean one thing: Àmàlà and Gbègìrì with Ewédú and Ògúnfe. Of course, I said yes and time just seemed to speed by. He picked me up about 30 minutes later and we headed out. I enjoyed my meal thoroughly as licked my fingers after each morsel and battled with my goat-meat after as sweat beads trickled down my face and neck. Of course I “crashed” immediately I got home….. just woke up actually. Meanwhile, I think we have been yanked off the NEPA grid as our power supply has been cut off for 3 days now. If you know them at NEPA, tell them to restore our power supply, or else…..OR ELSE…..!!!!!!!
Just before I leave…..I heard something over the news about another deregulation. How many times shall we deregulate? Arms folded, sha!

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  1. lol at the 6 figure sum, after eating spring rolls and having several cups of coffee you should have known that their fees would be outrageous:)
    Anyways all the best with your makeover firm!
    Lovely blog.